Artificial Grass for Residential

Our Artificial Grass is designed for and perfectly suited to garden life and affords you the convenience of converting the areas where you cannot grow natural grass into a green haven.

Artificial grass turns your garden in to the perfect place for kids to play games, for parties, for pets and for simply relaxing with the family.

Where natural grass would become damaged and muddy, Artificial Carpet Grass stands up to the ongoing stress put upon it with great success.

Artificial Grass for Commercial

Artificial Carpet Grass is popular not just in private gardens but more and more local businesses, hotel, restaurants, bars and government authorities are choosing Artificial Carpet Grass to transform lifeless areas in lush green public use.

Artificial Carpet Grass is sure to turn heads and make any business or public area the talk of the town.

The ongoing cost of maintaining green areas in any development, whether it is residential, commercial or hospitality can be extremely expensive; a cost that any developer or hotel manager would like to save. Combining the natural look of our Artificial Carpet Grass and the significant cost saving for the developer.

Artificial Grass for Schools & Play Areas

Playing surfaces such as dusty areas and even real grass can prove to be impractical or unsafe in a playground environment, which is why Artificial Carpet Grass is such a popular alternative.

When it comes to surfacing school or public playgrounds and play areas, the top consideration should always be safety. Artificial Carpet Grass can provide a safe surface for children to play on. Coupled with our protective foam underlays, our playground turf can protect children from falls in accordance with the Head Impact Criteria (HIC).

Artificial Carpet Grass for schools not only looks attractive but is also low maintenance and able to withstand prolonged and excessive use. On top of this, our Artificial Carpet Grass for playground is long lasting and cost-effective, as well as safe in the event of trips and falls.

Artificial Grass for Sports

We design high-end sporting surfaces using only the most technically advanced synthetic turf.

If you’re a sports fan, then you’ll be delighted to hear that the days of playing on dusty, dry, and uneven surfaces are gone. Swinging, kicking, running, and ultimately tripping over a divot have been consigned to the past thanks to our artificial grass for sports.

From back garden putting greens and tennis courts, to professional training grounds and world class arenas, when it comes to high performance sporting surfaces Artificial Carpet Grass has the answer.

Artificial Grass for Events

Event organization on any scale events such as weddings and public entertainment or corporate events, requires that all aspects of the set-up are quick and efficient.

Artificial Carpet Grass allows you to add something different to your event while being practical and convenient. It provides you with a tough and durable surface that is capable of supporting heavy footfall.

Artificial Carpet Grass can set you apart if your event is competing against others for attention, it is a welcoming surface that draws people in. Sometimes Artificial Carpet Grass is helpful for displaying products or designs to put them in context.

Artificial Grass for Pavements

Pavements and Walk Ways do not have to look dull, spice them up with Artificial Carpet Grass.

Artificial Grass for Drive-In

Feel like you are driving into a royal palace by combining Artificial Caret Grass with Drive-In Slabs or Concrete Tiles.

Artificial Grass for Walls

Create a green habitat feel of nature with Artifical Carpet Grass on the surface of walls.

This method is very cost efficient as compared to regular painting of walls.

Artificial Grass for Religious Houses

Convert your place of worship into a magnificent center of attraction that projects a heavenly ambience with Artificial Carpet Grass